Events team

One of the driving forces behind the National Service User Awards is an events team made up of service users representing different inpatient services. Read a little bit about the 2021 team below.

My name is Tasha and I am from Cygnet Hospital Beckton. I love all things creative and playing my guitar, singing and song writing. I love playing Netball and playing sports in general, as it involves spending time with others and building good friendships. I really enjoy supporting others and celebrating people’s achievements so I thought that NSUA would be a great place to encourage service user involvement.

Hello I am Chris and I am a member of the NSUA Events Team for 2021. I wanted to do this role because I like working with other people. I feel that by doing this role I have got better at communication and organisation.

Hi my name is Don and I am a 2021 Events Team Member. I wanted to do this role because I like to help people and would like to see other peoples achievements. I have learnt new skills from this role which include helping me to use the therapeutic activity as a coping strategy and learning to communicate with new people

My name is Jeffrey. I am 50 years old. My birthday is 8th July. I was born in Japan. My favourite foods are Tofu, Sushi and ginger pork. My favourite desserts are rhubarb and custard. In the future I was to travel and see lots of different places. My favourite colour is pink. My favourite music is Elvis Presley. I have no pets at the moment but do enjoy pet therapy.

My name is Roy and I am 66 years old. My birthday is 6th July. I was born in West Bromwich. My favourite foods are pork dinner without mash potatoes, stew and steak. My favourite desserts are Victoria sponge cake and also raisin and sultana cake. In the future I want to be a crane driver because in the past I enjoyed how the crane worked when moving objects. My favourite colour is black and I like all types of music. My most important accomplishment is working at B & Q, I enjoyed working there. I also find doing jigsaws important as I can do them really quickly. I come from a family of 9. My education background is not much but I study English, reading and writing. My interests include jigsaw, gardening, window cleaning and being a scrap man.

My name is David. I am 47 years old. My birthday is 8th September. I was born in Lewisham hospital in London. My favourite foods are Caribbean and Indian cuisine. My favourite desserts are fruit salad and cornetto strawberry. In the future I want to work in IT maintenance or be a driver, because I find tech and cars interesting. My favourite colour is yellow and red. My favourite music is classic or Irish. My most important accomplishment is mastering using a smart phone. Learning how to buy online and improving my social skills. I have a family of 4, my father, stepmother, my brother and uncle. My educational consists of IT and Religious Education. My interests include music, IT, horse riding quad biking and walking.