Frequently asked Questions

How can I make a nomination?

Making a nomination is easy, simple fill in a nomination form and email it to

Who can apply and make nominations?

Anyone can apply! Nominations must be for service user led projects, but can be made by staff or service users. Most nominations in the past have been submitted by staff – so it would be great to see more nominations made by service users for the 2017 awards!

What is the deadline for nominations?

The deadline for making nomninations for the 2016 awards is Thursday 29th December 2016.

When will I find out if my entry has made the final?

Notifications will be sent out to all successful finalists by the end of January 2017. Notification will be by email to the email address provided for contact on the nomination form.

What sort of projects are the judges looking for?

All sorts! To see the kind of projects that have previously been nominated and which have won please visit the previous winners page. You can also find some hints and tips on making a nomination by clicking here.