My first National Service User Awards Events Team meeting

Guest blog by Emily – Service User Events Deputy Team Leader

After attending the team building day last month and having a lovely day I attended my first team meeting for the service user awards.


After an early morning start consisting of me convincing myself I wasn’t going to go and then having to convince myself I was going I set of on a car journey to Cygnet Hospital Bury where the first meeting was to be held, a very squashed car journey I shall add.

It was nice to get together again with the other team members and listen to what people had been up to in the past month and to know what had been done in organising next years service user awards. We spoke about different options that are being looked into for venues, improvements that can be done to the website and had a look at different application forms for the judging panel and nominations. We then had a break for something to eat and were offered a nice selection of lovely food and cakes for pudding. There was plenty to go around! After lunch we had the rest of the meeting which included being told our tasks for the next month in preparation for the next meeting in October.

On the way out to our various cars to all go back to where we had come from we had a good laugh telling each other pretty awful jokes that we knew, it was such a nice way to end the day. I had a really nice day and it was good to be interacting with other people.

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