Food, fire alarms and interdimensional beings – an Events Team Meeting

Guest blog by Stefan – Service User Events Team Marketing Lead


My name is Stefan, or as I should be known, Stefan 2, for the reason that there are two Stefan’s working behind the scenes and the other was working at it before me, so I graciously accepted the title.

I am the marketing lead of this award 2016/2017.


On the 25th of October, myself and a staff member went to the hospital in Bierley, where before we went in, we wrote our names in the register, mainly for use in case of a fire. I thought it was a bit silly, and it really was unlikely to happen, but I wrote my name obediently down anyway (oh, how future you who have read more of the blog and have read back to this bit will laugh at this).

We were welcomed by the other service users and staff of this group and even more warmly welcomed by the sight of the food (because the food was warm).

So before the business started we filled our plates with food, and just before we really got into eating the food… the fire alarm went off.

One of the staff members said it was a false alarm and we were all alright to continue on consuming our self plated feasts, he then had to say ‘oh no, it is real’ and we all had to leave our food and follow them all outside.

Luckily and thoughtfully, me and my accompanying staff got our priorities right and took sandwiches and a small pork pie out with us to fill us up before returning.

So we were all in groups outside the hospital in the cold and well… I know reader, your thinking, but what of the food? What’s happened to it?

Well I can tell you reader a couple of things, either there was a fire and the food would have got really, really hot; or there wasn’t a fire and the food would have got cold.

Either way, we lose.

But thankfully, when we all returned back after the register was taken care of (remember what I wrote earlier, reader?) we returned, and the food was not too hot and not too cold, so it made the inner Goldilocks in us all very happy (the staff member next to me as I write is verifying this, quote, ‘it was alright,’ or as Goldilocks would put it, ‘it was juuust right’.

So on to business, after the food was eaten we started the meeting, a bit late, but fire alarms are never thoughtful to other people’s business when they tend to go off.

So firstly I have to mention while we were all sitting round the table that there was another member of the meeting that wasn’t really there, not physically anyway.

Gasp, you utter, does that mean there was a ghost present?

Or even some kind of inter dimensional being or a creature not made of tangible matter?

No, it was because there was a machine on the table, something that looked similar, in my eyes, to a large black plastic starfish sprawling unmovable.

This machine was used to call someone who could not be present, and we had to all say our names and functions one by one.
Then the meeting began, were we talked about getting a good venue and important dates, and solidifying the functions of various members of the group.

With the venues, we discussed how some were too cold, and some were too loud, but one was juuust right.

Then we had a second meeting, with half of the members leaving after so we can discuss the website with two professionals. We were late though; gosh darn it you fire alarm, you may have saved our lives, or will one day, but still; No really, we’re cool, fire alarm, we’re cool (which is what I can still say about the food because… never mind).

Anyway, moving on from my imagined conversation with the fire alarm, the meeting went well, we discussed improvements to the website, I volunteered to write the blog for the website, the results you’re reading now (only time can tell if you think that decision went well) and then we all went our separate ways, bellies more full, and a story to tell about a late buffet and an interrupting alarm.

Oh, and how everyone dealt with everyone juuust right.

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