Events team

One of the driving forces behind the National Service User Awards is an events team made up of service users representing different inpatient services. In their own words this is what the National Service User Awards means to them.
Events Team Meeting at Cygnet Hospital Bierley
Events Team Meeting at Cygnet Hospital Bierley

Stefan 1 – Team Leader
I am really happy to have gained the post of events team leader. Last year I really enjoyed being admin lead but felt I had more to offer. Being part of the events tema helps to boost my confidence and self esteem and helps me to meet new people.

Emily – Deputy Team Leader
I am happy to have been given the role as DTL. I believe that being given the role will be beneficial to my recovery because it will help me improve my social skills and leadership skills when in a group. This will be of use to me when I get discharged into the community. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team.

Tony – Deputy Team Leader
I feel really positive and having seen last years awards really excited about making this years a success.

Karen – Admin Lead
I feel great about my success in be successful in getting this post and it will aid my recovery as it will give me a new focus and purpose to keep going.

Keelie – Hospitality Lead
I am pleased to be gaining the role of hospitality lead as it will help me build my confidence and improve my skills with working as a team. This will help increase my integration back into the community.

Stefan 2 – Marketing Lead
Hello my name is Stefan and I have been successful in being appointed as marketing lead for the 2017 NSUA events team. I am very happy and proud that I have been given this respectable position in such a prestigious team. I have had previous experience of marketing with related hobbies in my time such as being a secretary and deputy lead of both a writing and mental health group. I also used to write for a magazine. I feel this role will give me a greater sense of purpose and will encourage me to pursue places of employment further down the line in my recovery.

Mark – Marketing Lead
Its all good in the hub watch this space. I view this as a learning experience and will give it 100% as not worth doing otherwise.

Michael – Entertainment Lead
I am really happy I have been appointed in the role above. I believe the role will bring good experience and skills aiding my recovery.

Steven – Entertainment Lead

I enjoy music and organizing events and doing something that I enjoy doing gives me so much more skills for the future.

Rob – Admin/Finance Lead
I was overjoyed about gaining the post, it made me more motivated and encouraged to do other things and has boosted my self confidence.

Neil – Head of Ashworth Events Team
Proud to be representing high secure and to be as involved as we are in working with our colleagues. It makes a real difference and makes us know we are not forgotten in high secure. Our patients would like to be as involved as possible.

John – Trophy Maker, Ashworth Hospital
Hello, I would like to say a big thank you for using my clay flowers and vases as awards. The fact that you chose my work as rewards for a major award prize makes me think that they must have been good enough for it. That makes me feel ‘larger than life’ and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making it happen and thanking you all for giving my work a valuable and skillful reputation there by giving my name and articles more recognition.